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Instructor: Avila, Julio   
New e-mail

Please take a few minutes to read the following, and the document "welcome letter" below.
Bring your school supplies to my room on a daily basis: text book, workbook, binder or notebook and writing utensils. DO NOT LOSE your material. You will also be charged if you need to get a new workbook.

Have a dictionary at home. If you can't buy one, use one on-line, such as If neither, please let me know.
Do your complete homework assignments. Every homework assignment will be entered in the grade book individually, and will count as a regular grade, going from 0 to whatever number represents the importance of the assignment; for instance, if you had to write six sentences and you bring all of them, you will see a 6 in your records, but if you bring only 4, you will see a 4, and so forth. Homework assignments will be short, graded upon completion and intended to target some formal aspects of the language, such as vocabulary and grammar, and cultural assignments. Written and reading assignments will ALWAYS be done entirely during school hours, monitored by the teacher.
grading will consist of "formal assessment" and "informal assessment"; the former consists of anything that is recorded in the grade book (quizzes, tests, projects, homework assignments, cultural assignments, writing exercises, interactive exercises, etc); the latter consists of class participation, engagement in the activities and the relevance of your interventions, and it results in extra credits and other grade improvements throughout each quarter.
I am flexible when it comes to make-up work, always taking into account the existence of a reasonable excuse and the student's needs and schedule after school. Every missing assignment should be completed by the end of each quarter.
For disciplinary matters, please refer to your handout or agenda.

My official tutoring day is on Monday, but if you have a problem any other day of the week, you don't have to wait until next Monday: come see me as soon as you can. I am available to help you any day of the week, except for Wednesdays.

NO FOOD, NO DRINKS (JUST WATER), NO GUM, NO USING MOBILE DEVICES THAT ARE NOT APPROVED BY THE ADMINISTRATION. Gum is included in the no food policy and it will be addressed as such.

Where can you find my weekly notes and assignments? Below, at the bottom, you will see a folder with the course name. Open it and you will find everything: notes, dates, hand-outs, etc.You may also find dates for quizzes and tests and deadlines for projects in the calendar on the right of this page. Please use it if you see that a day is highlighted.

Please see me if you have any doubts, or e-mail me ( or call me (803-442-6100). Best time to contact me by e-mail: anytime. I check it several several times a day, including weekends. By phone? From Monday to Friday. I check my voicemail three times every day.


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